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Fujian Huitian Bio-Pharma Co., Ltd. (formerly Fujian Sanming Pharmaceutical Company, called í░Huitianí▒ for short), founded in 1969 and as the evergreen Chinese pharamaceutical enterprise and hi-tech enterprise, is a large comprehensive joint-stock pharmaceutical company with powerful strength in Fujian, and innovative pilot and advanced taxpayer. The company has registered capital of RMB 90,000,000 and over 500 employees.

Huitian together with the listed company í░Thai Hot Groupí▒ (stock code: 000732) belong to Fujian Thaihot Investment Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Thaihot Investment"), its major shareholder, and is one of the five pillar industries of Thaihot.

The Company is currently in the phase of rapid development, maintaining an average annual sales growth rate of 30% to 50%. The Company devotes to the development of Western and Chinese medicines and bio-pharmaceutical products with independent intellectual property rights and international competitive advantage, especially to the research and development of new technologies, new products and new formulations, achieves competitive advantage of scale economies, and is committed to the grand voyage of human healthcare. The intermediate and long term goal of the Company is: to complete the country-wide industrial layout of Thaihot medicine within 3 to 5 years and to be included into the top 50 Chinese medicine enterprises and further included into the top 20 Chinese medicine enterprises.

The Company has a good products structure, involving traditional Chinese medicines, biological agents, chemical raw materials and drugs and other fields. Presently it has developed a complete range of drugs, including 80 drug specifications and seven forms of drugs, most of which are new specific drugs, together with generic drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials. All new specific drugs belong to national varieties, including one state secret recipe, four national exclusive varieties, one Class I state new drug, one Class II state new drug and two Class III state new drugs. The brand products include:

(I) Analgesic Capsule: the exclusive variety in China, national medical insurance catalog-listed drug, state secret prescription, national Class III new drug; indications: analgesic and hemostasia, inflammation, blood circulation. It is awarded the first prize for outstanding new products of Fujian Province, and the first prize of Fujian Pharmaceutical Technology Progress Award.

(II) Agkisrrodon enzyme injection: national Class II new drug of antithrombotic venom enzyme preparation, the exclusive variety in China; thrombin-like enzyme, isolated from the venom of Agkistrodon, purified and refined with bio-engineering technology; indications: for acute infarction, thrombolytic therapy.

(III) Tuoshu (Leflunomide Tablets): national Class I new drug, national medical insurance catalog listed drug; indications: adult rheumatoid arthritis. The therapy effect is significant.

(IV) Refined hawthorn lipid-lowering tablets: national Class III new drug, national protected traditional Chinese medicine, and hyperlipidemia non-prescription drug included in the first drugs listed in the national OTC catalog; for the treatment of hyperlipidemia, and also for auxiliary treatment of coronary heart disease and hypertension.

(V) Generic drugs and pharmaceutical raw materials: including "Benazepril Hydrochloride" (for treatment of hypertension, congestive heart failure, with good efficacy but slight side effect, WHO recommended drug), "Loxoprofen Sodium" (phenpropionate non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, strongly antipyretic and analgesic), and "Gentamicin Sulfate Tablets" (for treatment of bacterial dysentery or other bacterial intestinal infections, and also applicable for preparation for colon surgery).

In addition, the generic drugs of the Company include "Tripterygium Glycosides Tablet" (expelling pathogenic wind-evil and detoxicating, dehumidification and detumescence, and relieving rigidity of muscles and activating energy flow in the channels and collaterals), "Gastrodia elata Armillaria Tablet" (dispelling wind-evil and relieving convulsion, for the treatment of dizziness, headache, infantile convulsion, numbness, waist and knee pain), "Compound Lasiosphaera Seu Ciluatiae and Salicylic Acid Powder" (exclusive variety in China, for treatment of tinea pedis, and tinea diseases in other parts), and Tripterygium lactone ointment and penicillin powder and injection series. The new product aminoglycoside G418 is mainly for export.

Huitian in recent years has accelerated the internal management and modernization. It has established the general manager responsibility system under the leadership of the board of directors by reference to the outstanding domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies, built a modern pharmaceutical enterprise, and set up five organization systems including marketing, financial management, manufacturing, quality and R&D, and integrated management.

So far, the middle and senior management of the Company consists of highly educated personnel with high professional background in medicines and rich management experiences, gathering a management team of professional, younger, better educated talents. The introduction of a number of senior professional managers from well-known pharmaceutical companies, the application of modern enterprise management mechanism, and the full play of talent resources, mechanisms and management advantages have resulted in the revitalization in the management.

The Company has promoted performance evaluation and incentive pay system in human resources management, focused on the deep innovation of corporate culture and overall staff quality training, and vigorously carried out internal training and team building, and will further introduce a large number of talents holding masterí»s degree or bachelorí»s degree of management or medicine every year from the national, provincial and municipal key medical institutions and departments to lay a solid talent foundation for sustainable development of Huitian.

The Company has passed its excellent long historic culture, while introducing a performance culture, learning culture, social responsibility and so on, and through a variety of cultural forms of the Company, it generate more cohesion, promote righteousness and facilitate the overall growth.

The eternal lofty ideal and goal of Huitian are to promote the Chinese pharmaceutical industry and devote to well being of the masses. With the support of leaders at all levels, and the efforts of over forty years, Huitian has gained great honors and successes. With the established powerful scientific research, production and sales strength, high-quality resources and rich heritage, it is making every effort to create a large Chinese pharmaceutical company.

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